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Has peace been restored to the quay?

After years of protest and a year filled with activities, it is looking good: the Veenkade. On Thursday 12 October, the local inhabitants held a small party on their newly renovated quay. ‘Guests of honour’ were a few former inhabitants: chestnut trees, cut into benches, found a new home on the quay.

The Conscious Kitchen: An argument against waste

While half of the world population has to eke out a meagre living with great difficulty, an enormous amount of food is thrown away in the Western world: almost a third of what we produce. The Conscious Kitchen tries – for the time on a small scale – to make a contribution to stop this waste, in its own way.

From the Chairman: February 2017

Last week, the national newspapers informed us that crime rates in the Netherlands are much higher than indicated by the official figures. Unfortunately, we are also experiencing this in the ZeeheldenKwartier.

From the Chairman: december 2016

On 14 November, the annual Eland Meeting took place. During this meeting, the Stichting Bewonersorganisatie (residents’ association) Zeeheldenkwartier ‘De Groene Eland’ has reported what the association has done during the past year, and the residents have been able to respond and to propose ideas and points of interest for 2017.

Know your rights: I want to renovate my house!

You have bought your dream house, and after a while you start to fantasise about a new bathroom with luxurious bathtub and a new kitchen! It will all take a lot of planning, of course, but where do you begin? If you’ve seen ‘DIY SOS’ on the BBC (or the Dutch programme Help, Mijn Man is Klusser), then you will probably prefer to call in a professional builder. But what risks will still be lurking, how do you cover them, and how do you keep control of the costs?

Know your rights: Automatic subscription renewal

The situation might sound familiar: full of good intentions, you sign up for a year’s membership at the gym. Then after a year and two days you realise that you’ve actually only been twice, so you write a polite letter to the gym, saying that you’d like to cancel your membership subscription.

The 36th ‘ZeeheldenFestival’: a huge party!

Wednesday the 29th of June, at 12:00 sharp, starts the 36th edition of the so called ZeeheldenFestival (Festival of the Sea Heroes). Once started as a small party to celebrate ten years of existence of the residents organisation ‘De Groene Eland’ (The Green Moose), this event now has grown into the biggest local festival of The Hague.

Know your rights: Your home as Airbnb

In Berlin it has now been banned, in the Netherlands more and more city councils are imposing rules, and landlords are generally not happy about it. Airbnb is a phenomenon that is growing in popularity.

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