Burenoverleg Tram 17, Piet Heinplein en Hemsterhuisbrug

  1. Trevor schreef:

    I had hoped that, after the street renovations of Zoutmanstraat, we would have had a neighbourhood shopping street like Frederikstraat (Statenkwartier) or De Fahrenheitstraat.

    What we got instead was a very wide bike and tram street — with no places for cars to park or delivery trucks to unload (how many times each day is the Tram 17 blocked by delivery trucks on Zoutmanstraat?)

    The ‘new’ Zoutmanstraat is great for helping people pass through the neighbourhood — but not good for supporting and growing our local businesses.

    Was it so important that Tram 17 continued to pass through Zeeheldenkwartier?

    In the end, the former Zoutmanstraat stop was moved to Laan van Meerdervoort — so how has public transport within the neighbourhood been improved?

    We’ve sacrificed Zoutmanstraat to give lots of space to trams and bikes — so that people can quickly pass through our neighbourhood.

    I anticipate further decline of businesses in the area. We can look forward to more coffeeshops and barbershops and people racing their cars down Vondelstraat and Elandstraat.

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