Last week, the national newspapers informed us that crime rates in the Netherlands are much higher than indicated by the official figures. Unfortunately, we are also experiencing this in the ZeeheldenKwartier.

When we lodge a complaint with the police or the municipality because of nuisance, or to ask for enforcement, this is not registered, unless the police make a report of the offence. Thus, it can happen that nuisance takes place for years and that this is reported accurately, but never registered in the official figures.

De Groene Eland wants to put an end to this. We would ask you to also inform us, whenever you lodge a complaint with or ask for enforcement from the police or the municipality. You can do this by sending a mail to the De Groene Eland via In this way, we will obtain an overview of the number of complaints and requests that are actually lodged, the bottlenecks will become more visible and we will have a better case to present to the politicians, who always take the official figures for granted.

ludo geukersOn 21 February, De Groene Eland will once again organize the yearly political debate, and that will be an excellent opportunity to exchange views with the political parties of the council about the Zeeheldenkwartier, about what is going well and what could be improved. I hope to welcome you all on the 21st.

Ludo Geukers
Chairman Residents’ organisation ZeeheldenKwartier ‘De Groene Eland’

Méér van de 'De Groene Eland'

Van de Voorzitter: maart 2017

Het politieke debat in het ZeeheldenKwartier dat jaarlijks wordt georganiseerd door bewonersorganisatie De Groene Eland vond dit jaar plaats op 21 februari. Het was een enerverende bijeenkomst waarbij diverse actuele zaken met de diverse partijen zijn besproken.

Van de Voorzitter: december 2016

Op 14 november was de jaarlijkse Elandvergadering. Hier heeft het bestuur van de Stichting Bewonersorganisatie Zeeheldenkwartier ‘De Groene Eland’ verteld wat de bewonersorganisatie het afgelopen jaar heeft gedaan en hebben de bewoners de gelegenheid gehad om daarop te reageren en om ideeën en aandachtspunten voor 2017 in te brengen.