‘De Groene Eland’ explained

kaart zeeheldenkwartier
'Bewonersorganisatie 'De Groene Eland'.
kaart zeeheldenkwartier

kaart zeeheldenkwartier

logo groene elandThe “Stichting Bewonersorganisatie Zeeheldenkwartier ‘De Groene Eland’” (Foundation Resident association Zeeheldenkwartier ‘Green Elk’) is active since 1971. The foundation aims are implementing, initiate and / or support of activities such as advocacy, promoting participation and community building for the residents of the Zeeheldenkwartier.
‘De Groene Eland’ is both a voice for the residents of the Zeeheldenkwartier towards the city council and other relevant organizations, as the focal point of the city council and other relevant organizations towards the residents. With this it plays a pivotal role in the public domain.

‘De Groene Eland’ is a non-profit foundation. All activities are carried out by volunteers. ‘De Groene Eland’ works with autonomous projects and workgroups. Coordination by the Board provides for the exchange of knowledge and experiences and cooperation between the projects and working groups themselves.
‘De Groene Eland’ is located at the Elandstraat 88a, in the same building as the “Heldenhoek”.

A brief history of ‘De Groene Eland’

In the spring of 1971 were the inhabitants in the Elandstraat of the municipality reported that in the short term, the twenty-six trees would be cut down in the street. From the moment the people got wind of this plan, an action was initiated. The first step was to gather signatures against the proposed chopping down, and local residents went to work immediately. Within a few days 2500 signatures were collected. Furthermore, the residents sought the publicity and not only locally, but even the national press was reached. The action led to a temporary postponement of the felling of the trees and municipal consultation with the residents.

The neighborhood and many responded enthusiastically and offered their services. Despite all the cooperation and actions consultation with the municipality it did not yield the desired result and the twenty-six trees were still cut. However joining forces with the residents in the pressure group ‘De Groene Eland’ received a definitive character and ever since the residents organization ‘De Groene Eland’ is committed to the quality of life in Zeeheldenkwartier.